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PICNIC BAGS! Full of our favourite Scandi treats

Order with a click, pop by and collect and enjoy the simple things. It's all that we love, shared in a picnic bag. 

You won't need to go far for a patch of grass with everything you need at our front door. You can enjoy your picnic on the floating pocket park by the canal. Or grab yourself a Go Boat and enjoy your picnic on the water!

Picnics are £18.75pp with a minimum order of 2 picnics. To secure your order we charge a small non-refundable deposit of £5pp with the remaining amount paid on collection. So... what's included?   


Signature Smoked Swedish Meatballs // Potted Rabbit & Pulled Pork // Västerbotten Cheese  // Pickled Vegetables // House Smoked Mackerel Pate & Lingonberry Jam // Norwegian Smoked Salmon // Scandi Style Potato Salad // Summer Heritage Tomato Salad, Herbs & Avocado  // Dill Beetroot & Balsamic Pickled Eggs // Breads, Smoked Salt English Butter & more //  All finished off with some Fika! (Some sweet things) 


Please Note: Picnics need to be pre-ordered at least 24hrs in advance to make sure everything is in stock, as all picnics are prepared fresh on the day. We are currently CLOSED Mondays. Picnics are AVAILABLE Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm - 6pm.

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